2015 January

Your Invoice: ID31WX175T

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So, you’ve received a strange invoice from iTunes charging you for “Space Cube” Download verdana font. And it’s a hefty 38.59 GBP as well.

What’s this, you think? If you have kids, you might already be looking suspiciously into their direction Cold war. However, this is nothing more than a scam created to get your Credit Card details.

How does this work? A fake company sets up a fake email address, picks up a reliable source or a brand (in this example it’s iTunes) and send you a bogus invoice Burger King. Certainly, you’d like to find out why you’re charged this strange amount, and there’s a helpful link at the bottom of the email for you to do just that Download Windows 10 th2. But that link takes you to a completely different page to what you have anticipated and reads and records your card details for the scammers to use instead 민국송.

To cut the story very short: do not trust every email you get. A strange invoice from the iOS App Store is easy to check:

1. Log into your iPhone (iPad)

2 파로스. Got to the App Store

3. Tap on “Purchased” & view all.

Don’t see that strange game on your purchased app list? Nothing to worry about Download lenovo driver.

Have other scam examples to share with us? Not sure if the email you have received is safe? Let us know.