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10 creative ways to display your printed photos

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When’s the last time you have printer a photograph? Well, we have 10 good reason for you to do so just about now. And if you need a printer that can print all of these in one go without emptying your pockets – you know where to look for one.

1. Make Polaroid-style coasters.


Ever wonder what you could do with your Instagram photos fileice 다운로드? This is just the perfect formate for these cute-as-a-button coasters! You can get a full tutorial on the original page here.

2. Create a beautiful family tree wall art


Isn’t this just such a beautiful idea for displaying family photos 3가지? You can print off the photos you like the most and you can find the wall stickers in most accessory or arts shops (or IKEA). And if you want to get extra creative – you can paint the tree on the wall yourself! More tree styles and the ideas in the link here 버즈 가시 다운로드.

3. Minimalist wall art


This is a very straight-forward minimal but neat and pretty idea. Once again – a great idea for your Instagram photos – not only because of the format but the filters and the content too will make this beautiful wall art chinese translator.

4. Make a photo letter art

Letter photo art DIY


Now, if you’re really into your DIY you can make the letters shown above, however it might involve a bit of woodcarving. But fear not, if you don’t have a woodcarver in you can also make these letters in 2D or you can go even further and make these in 3D cardboard audiobook mp3. Or if you’re really daring and on the lookout for something original for your next anniversary party you can combine all of these elements together.

5. Photos + clothes pegs + Christmas lights = magic


Christmas lights are not just for Christmas just as clothes pegs are not just for clothes 마인크래프트 조합법 다운로드. There are so many variations to these combinations: a rounded clothes peg picture display, framed display, display over your work desk – the possibilities are endless and all of them work beautifully.

 6. Stack your photos on beautiful textured photo blocks


This technique will not only help you display your photos in an original and beautiful way but it will also help to preserve them better Download dx11. You can find the tutorial for these large photo blocks here or you can also make them smaller.

7. Print a huge picture tiled photo


It’s actually much easier to make this than it looks all tweezers. You can be creative as on the picture above or create a beautiful family poster for your wall.

8. Transfer your photos to the canvas in a few easy steps


There are several great tutorials on how to achieve the real canvas looks for your photos and here’s just one of them Another misunderstanding,. Create a beautiful and classy wall display for your office or room.

 9. Create a balloon chandelier for the special occasion


Beautiful idea for the Birthday bash, bridal shower or an anniversary.

10. Get creative with driftwood


Simple, beautiful and relaxing & so so easy to make Download the friendly Mr. Kumja ost.

How did you like these ideas? Did you know that with the Epson Expressions XP-225 printer you could have printed all of these at almost the same time it took you to scroll down this page? Our best-selling multi-function printer is now available at a special price of €69.99. You can also get some of the other supplies above from our shop, like the Epson glossy paper €14.99 or the Epson 4×6 paper for those Instagram prints for just €12.99. perfect to have handy if you’re looking for the last-minute gifts (in form of photos of course) or need to decorate for a party on a short  notice.

10 handy Google Chrome shortcuts to save your time

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Are you currently using Google Chrome? We always recommend Google Chrome over any other browser for one simple reason – it’s quick. And it’s super handy too. However, there are little hacks to make your life easier and your search faster even if you’re already using this browser.

1. Control the Tabs Download the novel award. Use Ctrl+T to open a new tab or Ctrl+Shift+T to reopen recently closed tabs – great for those moments you close a tab accidentally.

2. Use the address bar. You can use the address bar to search for what you’re looking for on Google without typing the actual address Download the QWERTY keyboard. Need to jump to the address bar quickly? Use Ctrl+l and you’ll get to the address bar without using a mouse.

3. Zoom in and Zoom out the whole page using Ctrl++ or Ctrl+-. This is really handy if you need to read a smaller text or see the detailed picture, Ctrl+0 will return you to the normal page size.

 4 Melon top100 for week 4, 2018. Open the link in a new tab using Ctrl+click combination. It’s so useful when you’re reading an article and want to check the link from the article later. Or if you want to read something on the page later.

5. Search for a specific word on the page. Now, this combination applies to any browser or page: just use Ctrl+F and a search panel will appear where you can enter what you’re looking for and find it instead of scanning the page for ages 모아나 ost 다운로드.

6. Use Chrome Incognito mode when you log into Facebook, Twitter or email from someone else’s computer. You can also use this mode to get your friends to use a browser on your computer. To open the Incognito mode simple click Ctrl+Shift+N. Incognito mode doesn’t keep your passwords or search history.

7. Use Google Chrome Address Bar instead of a calculator 오펀블랙. Just try a simple calculation now. You can also use it as a translator by typing the word you want to translate and in which language (“I love you in German” for example). Or get an instant currency converter by typing the amount of currency you want to convert and to which currency you want to convert it to (“2300EUR to GBP” for example) bitnami redmine 다운로드.

8. Delete your browsing history in swift. The Ctrl+ Shift+Delete combination will open a window that allows you to clear your Cookies, last visited pages, passwords and cache. You should delete your browsing history every now and then to free up the space on your computer (yes, these are saved as physical files) and for diagnostics Download Ubuntu Eclipse.

9. Save a web page as a PDF or print it. Want to save the page for later or want to use it as an offline example? You can save it as PDF. Just click Ctrl+P and choose “Save as PDF” instead of a printer. Or just print it!

10. Make Chrome faster. Sometimes you can be stuck on one page or a page will not load for you properly Download Oak Mobile. This could be due to many background processes in Chrome. To check what’s running in your browser, click on the options on the top-right corner, select “More Tasks” and then “Task Manager”. See anything on the list you don’t recognise? Select it and press “End Process”.

Is Google Chrome the only thing you ever use on your computer Download PeppaPig English? You might consider getting a TOSHIBA Chromebook. What is it? TOSHIBA Chromebook is just like any other computer but it relies on the Operating System based on Chrome – yes your browser. All of the apps are run in the Cloud (ie via the Internet) – so you don’t really need to install any programs and all your information is always backed up automatically and is available everywhere (under the password protection off course) 소닉 앤 너클즈.

TOSHIBA Chromebook currently in stock for €279 incl VAT.

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“My printer won’t print”. 6 reasons why your printer is not working and how to fix this

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How to fix a broken printer

Interestingly, this is one of the most common questions we get asked over the phone in MicroPro and it’s something we usually are able to solve right there and then 알라딘 2019년 영화.

1. “Is it plugged in?” to quote the Chris O’Dowd’s character form the IT Crowd. It’s as simple as that and you’d be surprised how many times we’ve made this mistake ourselves, especially at the early hours of the morning 상하이 애니팡. Make sure your printer is plugged in, the electricity is turned on and, if it’s a remote printer, that it’s actually turned on.

2 Tundra Draw 다운로드. Check the ink cartridges. All printers are different but most of them will tell you if the ink cartridges are empty. If you have a simple printer without an LCD screen, check if there’s a little light that’s blinking above a a graphic that looks like a drop Acrovetreader 11. Most of the time this indicates issues with inks: they might be empty or placed incorrectly. If this is your first time to use the printer, make sure that you have placed the inks correctly and that you have removed protective film from them 통화내역.

 3. Check the paper. Did you run out? Some printers might not print if there are even a just a couple of sheets of paper or on contrary too many sheets 여의전. Fill the paper storage about a half-full capacity and you should be on the safe side.

4. Make sure nothing is stuck in the printer. Got a paper jam 천자문 사자성어? Sometimes it might be caused by something being stuck in the printer. If you have a multi-function printer, you may want to lift the lid under the scanner and see if there’s anything that doesn’t seem to belong: paperclips, paper bits, food – these can sometimes fall in through the upper paper compartment Enter your search terms to download www 4. If it’s a simple printer without the scanner, take out the inks and tilt the printer forward giving it a bit of a hit. This way, whatever could possibly be stuck in it will fall out, but you will also not get printer inks all over yourself Download the postcard.

5. Check the error messages. Is your printer displaying an error message? That’s the easiest way to find out what’s wrong with it 현대모비스 ci. Just Google the error message (most of the time it’s a code) with the name and the make of your printer and you will get a fast answer.

6. Shooting blanks. Your printer makes all the right noises but only returns blank pages? Or, the images appear smudged, uneven, wrong color, etc? Try to clean the heads of the printer. No need to take out the dusting cloth yet, this is something you tell the printer to do from the computer or the printer itself. Just look for the “Maintenance” section in the manual for your printer, or Google “how to clean the heads on [your printer name]”.

Hope this advice will help and you will find exactly what you need to fix your printer. Didn’t find a solution? Give us a call on 01 4949556

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