2015 March

Epson WorkForce printer: a workhorse for your office

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How often do you find yourself in the situation when you really have to print something off and the printer appears to be out of toner?

Usually, this happens in the middle of something important: flight or concert tickets, bookings, assignments and sales proposals 10 downloads on samsiseki mountain village. We’ve all been there.

Well, this Epson WorkForce office printer is the one that will do the job right for you any time. Instead of using the standard toners as most of the office printers do it uses a special kind of ink cartridges that will not only last longer but will also produce much better and clearer prints (in case you want to print a photograph or a graphic) Download the resume in English.


Why should you be considering the EPSON WorkForce Pro WF-5620DWF as your ultimate office workhorse Mega day? Here are some pointers:

  • It’s ecological: uses up to 80 percent less power than competitive colour lasers
  • It’s economical: up to 50 percent lower cost per page than competitive colour lasers
  • It’s a time-saver: automatic double-sided printing, scanning, copying and faxing
  • It’s productive: fast starting time, fast printing, less time refilling paper with an extra paper feed
  • It’s easy to use: automatically print duplex, easy to understand color display, print directly from a USB
  • It’s on every device: it will easily fit into every office with several connectivity options

So, if you’re simply running a home office or a multiple people operation, you’ll be sure to have the best prints at no time whenever you need Download Hotel Deluna 3.

The WorkForce printer range is currently available at the MicroPro Computers and it will also will be on display and open for trial runs on our Epson Customer Day h 264 코덱 다운로드. Have you signed up yet?

EPSON Pulsense Fitness Tracker Range

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So, we’re already half-way through the month of March. Have you kept up with your New Year’s resolution in terms of working out? Or do you find it hard to peel your body off the couch the time you make it home and lay yourself on it Download Windows 7 iTunes?

Perhaps, you need a bit of a motivator. Fitness trackers are a great way to keep you on track with your goals or let you realise what your actual goals are Download whatever you want to ask. A week with a tracker and you’ll get to find out exactly how many steps you are walking, how many you should be, compare it to your eating habits and let you know how long it would take you to achieve the goal you want Download math textbooks.

Ate an extra sweet at work? The tracker will show you that you can walk it off in a few minutes – like getting off the bus two stops earlier and walking home 어벤져스4 엔드게임. Once you start tracking you can get creative with your walking or fitness habits.

So, here are the two trackers from EPSON we’re currently excited about dota 2.


Unlike many other trackers out there PS-500 tracks your pulse and displays the most important information on the little screen library genesis 다운로드.  You’ll instantly know if you’re overdoing it or not training enough.

Some of the features of the PS-500:

– Monitors and displays your heart rate
– Counts your steps
– Monitors your sleep patterns
– Transfers the data wirelessly to a dedicated app on your smartphone



Don’t want the fancy version of the fitness tracker – here’s the light version of the display 아트머니. It still measures your heart rate, counts your steps and tracks your sleep and you can analyse your data on the smartphone app.


You can upload and display your information on any smartphone, tablet or a computer and see how you’ve done during the day Download java attachments. The upload and synching to your phone is wireless so you can view your information anytime and anywhere and perhaps that can make you to take a decision to exercise more Download Tudors.

Still not convinced? Want to see these trackers in action? Come to our EPSON Customer day and take these trackers for a spin Imview pc. See how you can track your fitness with a couple easy steps.

Both PS-500 and PS-100 are available in stock now.

Attend to Win: Epson L355 Ecotank printer

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We’re excited to hist EPSON Ireland at our shop on March 26th where they’re going to bring some new goodies to test and play with as a part of the Customer Day Download pmbok 6th Korean edition.

One of the products on the display on the day is ESPON EcoTank L355 printer, which you’ll also have a chance to win by entering the raffle in the shop Download Eclipse Spring. And believe us, it’s a real steal. Here’s the skinny on what could become your printer.

1. It’s a multifunction printer quartus 다운로드. In addition to providing brilliant pro quality prints, this device will also make a swift copy for you and will scan your documents for an easy attachment to emails or backing up on your computer 컴퓨터 동영상.

2. It’s a WiFi printer. Connect to your PC, laptop, iPhone, Android phone or tablet or anything really and print right from the devices 지니 모션 t 1000. This printer will connect to anything that has a display and wireless via dedicated apps. Think of possibilities. We think a party!

3. It’s and EcoTank printer 인텔리스튜디오. “It’s an Eco-what?” you say. Well, to put it simply, this printer has an ink tank permanently attached to it. Which in return means that there will be no spots, lines or splats caused by leaking cartridges 3d 맥스 다운로드. Clean brilliant prints in seconds!

4. It comes with around 2-years worth of ink. Say what? Yes, it does. Well, depends how much you print really, but yes, the refillable cartridges that this printer comes with should last for around 4000 pages in black and 6500 pages in colour Download Ilancia B. Now that’s what we call savings!

5. It’s not an eye-sore. Surely, you think that a printer likes this must take lots of space and stick out of the decor Download Team Viewer. But, no, EPSON L355 is a compact beauty that will fit any apartment or a house big or small.

There are many more advantages to the L355 that you can find out on the day 아이팟 나노 동영상. Remember to enter the raffle and you could be lucky enough to walk away with one free of charge. Or if you’re not the lucky one this time, you can buy it for €350 incl VAT. See you on March 26th!