2015 September

TOSHIBA Satellite Pro R50 – the laptop that means business

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Toshiba Satellite Pro R50-B-12P MicroPro Computers

TOSHIBA Satellite Pro R50 is a true business laptop Download the Talking Tom Gold Run game. It doesn’t just have the business in mind – it’s designed just for it.

Starting from the black ridged surface finished that doesn’t allow for the greasy fingerprints to stay on any visible places – a must for keeping a presentable look 아이폰 유튜브. Its screen’s hinges are made extra stable to keep the screen just when you need it.

This laptop is made extra robust and can withstand any extra heat, pressure or being taken in and out of the bag several times during the day without lagging a bit – ideal on the move 아이폰 앱.

It’s slim and light and the screen won’t catch any sun glares if you’re working outside. Plus, all of your essential ports like HDMI, VGA or a handful of USBs are on the side and ready to use whenever you are 닥터 후.

R50 comes with a super quick and efficient Core i3 Intel processor that will keep all of your tasks run efficiently and smoothly. It comes with a plenty of storage too 캣츠 영화.

Here’s a more detailed specification:

Processor: 4th generation Intel® Core™ i3-4005U processor
Screen: 39.6cm (15.6”) , Toshiba HD non-reflective High Brightness display with 16 : 9 aspect ratio and LED backlighting
HDD:  500 GB
Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics 4400
Max battery life: 7h30m
Weight: 2.3kg
Dimensions: W x L x H : 379 x 258 x 23.95 mm

TOSHIBA Satellite Pro R50 is now available in MicroPro Computers at €549.99 파워포인트2010 체험판. For more specification, details or demo please contact the shop.

#FridayFive: 5 tools to make your Instagram (FB, Twitter) pictures look better

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How many of you use Instagram? And how many of you use any filters to make them look great? Or you might have a bunch of photos you’d like to post to Facebook but want to brush them up a little before doing so Download the subtitles for Game of Thrones Season 8 3. Well, today I have a list of some great apps you could use to brush up on the photos and make them look amazing. I use most of these every time I post a picture to my Instagram and I use one particular app both on my phone and computer to edit holiday photos 고속성장분석기 2020 다운로드. Most of the take just a click.


1 pc 카카오 톡 다운로드. VSCO Cam. This is my all-time favorite. This app is packed with great filters you won’t find on the free apps and most of the peeps you follow on Instagram prefer this particular app 포켓몬 화이트2. It comes with a few filters as a preset and you can then add some “packs” for more filters – some of them are free and some you have to pay a bit but they also do promotions every now and then releasing new packs for free asp attachments.

And if you’re using Lightroom on your computer you can download their free developer pack with amazing Lightroom presets that will all the work for you with really good color combinations gta iv.

The app is available for both iOs and Android squirrel sql.


2 카달로그 디자인. Whitegram. Although Instagram now allows you to upload your pictures in full (rather than crop them) some people prefer to use an app to show a picture in its entirety 코인옵스. Sometimes I like to share pictures I posted on Snapchat and they’re just too big for Instagram even with the recent update, so I can use Whitegram to share a full picture in a smaller format with the borders on each side Chrome multi-download. It’s free for iOS and Android.


3. Over is a fun little application if you want to add some text or symbols to your photos on the go. There are plenty of free things to choose from but you can also purchase extra packs (like with VSCO). You can see my little example above and it could be quite addictive in time creating these pictures. It’s €3.99 on iOS and Android.


4. Phoster is a bit more sophisticated than Over but it’s super handy if you don’t have a budget (or time) for a graphic designer but you want to create an amazing looking leaflet or a poster. It’s a bit fidgety as some of the text is very small but it’s incredibly easy to use; just choose a template, add a picture and edit your own text in and you’ll end up with an amazing looking poster in just 10 minutes. Get it for €1.99 on iOS only.


5. Insta Emoji. When you want to have a bit of fun with your photos give this app a try. Place Emojis all over your pictures, add Meme-like text or attach glasses, moustaches and much more. Free on iOS only.

Have fun with your pictures!

Alex @ MicroPro

TOSHIBA L50 – ultimate entertainment at your fingertips

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TOSHIBA Laptops color

The TOSHIBA L50-C series is the key to your ultimate compact entertainment 메탈 슬러그 1 다운로드. This series laptop is a real treat even if you’re a computer nerd or just on a lookout for a good home/study laptop and it won’t look bad even on the most sophisticated business desk Download The Name of Lim Jae-bum.

The look: big screen, super light and exquisite finish.  Although it comes with a 15.6″ screen it’s surprisingly light (just 2.2kg if you’re curious). The back of the lid comes with a glossy thread finish that will reduce the appearance of any inevitable scratches and will stay looking original and stylish Download Modern Times. The frameless keyboard just adds to the style and prevents the dust and dirt from collecting in between the keys.

The performance of this laptop is outstanding too. The Satellite L50-C series is optimised for a full Windows 10** experience – with tuned and tested hardware to ensure all your favourite apps run smoothly. With powerful Intel® processor and the Intel HD graphics card you can rely on faster response across multiple tasks Download Isaac Godmode.

The sound. Put on a great show, wherever you are. In addition to a 39.6 cm (15.6”) HD or Full HD IPS screen, the HDMI port on selected models allows Ultra HD 4K content from your laptop to be displayed on an Ultra HD TV Download the Synology Nas file. The Satellite L50-C also boasts advanced audio technology to match, with Onkyo stereo speakers and DTS® sound enhancement exclusively tuned and certified by Skullcandy – so all your content looks and sounds crystal clear 월드컵 맞고.

The TOSHIBA L50-C is now available in stock at just €499 and it’s available in white, silver and red.



#FridayFive: 5 tips for safer surfing (on the Internet)

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Safe Internet Surfing by MicroPro Computers

We all might think we know what it takes to roam the Internet safely Cavity Defense. But there are some bits and peices that we often forget until it’s too late and we end up with a virus or worse – get scammed. So, here are five practical tips for staying safe when you’re surfing the deep waters of the Internet 컬투쇼 사연모음.

1. Make sure you’re on the right website. Especially, when you’re about to make an online purchase. Make sure that the website you’re buying your stuff from is really the right one Warsaw 1944. If you’re in doubt when paying – make sure to check for a “lock” symbol in the address bar indicating that the website is secure Download Hero Cantare.

Also, if you’re purchasing something from a website like Ebay or Amazon you want to read some feedback on the seller to make sure you’re getting a right product and that the seller indeed exists 닌텐도스위치 nsp.

2. Avoid paying over Internet in public places. If possible try not to purchase anything over a public WiFi, say, if you’re in a coffee shop for example Download Windows xp iso. We’re talking about using your phone or computer to make a purchase and tapping in your credit card details. Most of the time it’s quite safe to do so but you’re never sure when there could be a danger of your data being stored, so just make a habit of not doing so at all Download firefox live video.

3. Email safe. Don’t open an email you don’t expect and don’t provide any of your personal information over the email without confirming the identity of the person who’s asking and making sure it’s an official request Ulsan University Hospital. We’re all familiar with the requests for money transfers etc. that are quite commonly familiar as spam email at this point. Unfortunately, spammers got more skilful and can really write a good believable email Mom Katuri. So, be careful who you reply to.

4. Install new programs safely. When you’re installing a new program, especially when it’s free, make sure that you read through every step of the installation and untick the boxes when you notice something you don’t need Download Paradise Bay. Many program installations come with the “freebies” – free optional software pieces that sit in your browser or computer and come up with annoying pop ups or change your search routines. Most of the time these little freebies are harmless but they do become annoying. To avoid these, just untick the boxes when you see them coming up in the installation prompt.

 5. Install AdBlock for your browser. There are many AdBlocks available for different browsers and you can just use Google to find the best for you. What these little add-ons do they not only block the unwanted ads that appear on YouTube, Google or on the side of your Facebook search. They also prevent the malicious pop-ups from spreading on your computer unnoticed.

If you need any more tips like this or you’re concerned with your Internet or computer safety – give us a call. Safe surfing!

Up your game with Gygabyte Gaming Keyboard

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Gyagabite Gaming Keyboards


At this point of your school year we’d expect you to get your study game on and wouldn’t advice spend most of your days playing computer games 아이폰 크랙어플. But, we all need something to unwind from the tough day concentrating on important tasks and you want to do it in style.

Not that this Gygabite K8100 keyboard is going to lie pretty at your desk 나루토 전권 다운로드. It’s also packed with awesome features to bring your game to the next level.

As with the most great gaming keyboards this one comes with the backlit keys that you can modify to change to the color scheme you prefer. It also feature 20 Macro Buttons to program yourself and set it up to your own gaming profile 세계테마기행.

The company have done their research and made certain keys more resistant to the gamer abuse. There are three separate zones on the keyboard measured and resistant to the particular elastic force to support the gaming feedback 토익 모의고사.

There are 20 ghost keys that allows you to hit up to 20 keys at once and have them registered at once. That is if you can press 20 keys at once Caesar 4.

Here’s an overview of the spec:

  • Enhanced Ergonomic Gaming Keyboard Design- 3 different levels of force
  • Touch and Slide Volume Control
  • 20 Anti-Ghosting Keys
  • GHOSTTM Macro Engine
  • LED Backlight Illumination with On/Off Switch
  • 2 USB 2.0 HUB
  • Gold Plated USB Connector
  • Durable Braided Cotton Cord

The keyboard is now in stock for €69.99 – a steal for a gaming keyboard and it goes greta together with the Gygabyte Extreme Accuracy Mouse pad to take you to a whole new level Hannibal. The mousepad is also now in stock for just €29.99.

#FirdayFive: 5 things to know about your Facebook posts

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MicroPro Computers Facebook Posting tips

Facebook has been around for a little over 11 years (can you believe it?) and you’ve probably been on it for quite a while too 셀룰러. It’s hard to believe someone when they say they are not on Facebook.

It seems that the privacy policy, the way we create posts and view posts are changing every week or so and it’s hard to follow them sometimes Download Nero 7. But there are some common practices that you should know and consider before you create your next post. Here are 5 that we could think of for now:

1 mt exe 다운로드. Choose your audience. We posted this in our Tuesday Tip category this Tuesday. Basically, think about who’d you like to see your next post Download Raftel Annie. Some people like to post little rants to Facebook, some like to post pictures of pub shenanigans from the weekend – and are you really sure you want everyone to see these posts n Store movie? If there’s something you really don’t want a particular person to see you can now exclude individuals from your posts. We’d recommend to limit your posts to “Friends Only” unless it’s something you’re not concerned to share on a public platform Sketch-up 2016 32-bit crack.

2. Be careful when you post. A lot of us are tempted to check Facebook during the working day. Some even work with Facebook and it’s totally fine if it’s constantly open on the screen 갱스터 리오 버그 판 다운로드. But the truth is, most of the employers like to see people working on what they’re paid to do and not wasting time on Facebook. You never know where life can take you next, and some of the employers actually check your social media to check if your stellar description of yourself compares to your social activity 신생아 백색소음 mp3.

3. Filter your content. Following from the above post, it’s not only important when you post, it’s also important what you post 자막 편집기. Do you really need a picture with all those empty shot glasses on your wall? is your little rant about your roommate going to hold up in 15 minutes? A lot of times when you want to post a rant about something on Facebook, in general, you start feeling different once you’ve posted or once the heat from being annoyed passes kuf. So, let it sit for 30 minutes and if you still feel like posting something along these lines – post it, taking into consideration the two points above.

4. Don’t tag your friends. This also ties into above points. When you post a picture of someone or a group picture to Facebook and you tag them, this picture appears on their wall. Are you sure that your friend will like this picture being posted at that time, place and with those people? What if they’r not supposed to be where they are or they don’t like the way the look on the picture? Really want to post a picture? Do it, but ask your friends to tag themselves if they like instead.

5. Go through your settings. Ever wondered what your page looks like to strangers? Log out or use your browser’s “private” mode to see your profile when you’re not logged into Facebook. Remember – that’s the page everyone sees. If all your posts, personal, work and friend information is visible you might want to go through your Facebook settings. It might be a tedious and time-consuming venture (Facebook has a lot of setting options right now) but it’s worth it on the long run.

Perhaps, you already know all of these and perhaps you’re thinking different. Either way, the next time you want to post something to Facebook just think about who could possibly find this post and what they could possibly think about it.

Portable & Powerful: Creative Muvo 10 speaker

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Creative Speaker Muvo 10 MicroPro Computers

This Creative Muvo 10 speaker is possibly the most versatile product on our shelves right now: leave it at home or take it to the outdoors, it’s proven to start a party at any situation Download the subtitles for Satan's Doll2019. It comes with a nifty handle to help you take it around and it’s super light and will fit any bag.

There’s often not enough sound coming from your laptop speakers to watch a movie or listen to the music when you’re doing things around the house Download pearls don't go. Just connect this speaker through bluetooth or a cable that comes with it and enjoy a clear loud bass-enhanced sound.

You can also use it for a conference call for all your team or make phonecalls whenever your hands are busy 데어 랑그릿사. Just connect it to your phone and speak out loud, the sensitive in-built microphone will pick up your voice nicely and won’t generate any echoes prezi 템플릿 다운로드.

Here’s a bit of a spec on this speaker:

Dimensions: 105.0 x 320.0 x 113.0 mm (4.1 x 12.6 x 4.5 inches)
USB Cord Length: approx 0.6m
Weight: 925g (32.63oz)
Colors: black, blue, green
Battery play time: approx 8 hours

It’s possibly the best wireless speaker in its class and it can be yours at just €59.99 nexus war 다운로드. Check it out in store today.


#FridayFive: Back to School special

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The schools are back and we’ve decided to pick up on 5 practical computer-related tips to get you back into gears and stay productive during upcoming months Quick Bible Listen.

1. Pack light. Decide on the day what you need to bring with you – do you really have to bring the laptop today? Do you need both your laptop and a tablet 포트리스2? You can also scan the pages you need from the textbook you’re going to use on the day and view these on your laptop in class to avoid bring all the books with you Download Dragon Age Inquisition. Don’t have a laptop and need one? We have a super lightweight laptop with a keyboard dock that turns the laptop into a tablet in a single click – check this TOSHIBA Click Mini in the shop now Diablo 3 Turboherd.

2. Start clean. Is your computer ready for the new school year or is it full of summer memories cramming the Desktop Download the latest version of Lucky Patcher? Make sure you start fresh with the new school year: clear the Desktop, clean up the files and back them up, check all programs for updates, run Anti-Virus scans & check if the fan for overheating Aida32. If you don’t know how to handle any of these things – just bring it to us and we’ll do the job.

3 Download in front of the Lord's presence. Have the little things ready. You’ve got the computer sorted, little bits like pens, pencils, notebooks too Bluetooth 4.0. Do you have enough printer paper for printed assignments? Do you need CDs or DVDs for assignments to be submitted on these? Is there enough ink in the printer Download Emmanuel 2? Don’t leave these things for last minute – pop over to the shop and we’ll get you ready.

4. Backup. Backup Download New World Mall. Backup twice. We’ll keep on repeating this until it sticks. There are still a lot of people that come to us with requests to restore the data from a computer that’s been damaged, and unfortunately it’s not always possible. So, give yourself cover from the beginning, especially if you’re making an important project – back it up as you go. Use our backup tips and check out this backup drive we have on special right now – perfect for clumsy hands or super active lifestyle.

5. It’s OK to do nothing. No, not all day everyday – just every now and then. Let yourself unwind, just listen to music, meditate or simple, do nothing. Especially, if you’re in a middle of an tough assignment it will help you clear the head up and get back into the pace fresh.