2015 October

#FridayFive: 5 ways to get the use out of your tablet

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how to use your tablet

If you’re considering an option of buying a tablet instead of laptop, perhaps, these handy uses will help you make the decision for the tablet ios 13 public beta. Although, we still like laptops too, and some of these tips will show you how you can use a tablet as a secondary device.

1. Get more focused 유튜브 배경음악. Need to focus on one task at a time? You can only have one task open on the tablet at any one time, so you’re sure to be focused on that; as opposed to the laptop when you have multiple programs and browser windows open 나비스웍스 다운로드.

2. Read. As simple as it sounds, it’s a digital reader at your hands and it’s much easier to read off a vertical screen when you want to get a feel of a book 4K music video. Besides, there are so many books available for tablets now, you can have an entire library at your fingertips.

3. Play. Use your tablet as an entertainment centre for games, movies and music and off load these things from your work computer Minitab 17 free. This, will not only free up your storage space on your work computer, but it will make sure you’re not distracted when working.

4. Take notes c# http. Use an app like Evernote to take notes and sync them up with your computer and phone. A tablet is fast to start and applications are only a few taps away – so much easier that starting up your laptop Download Vocaloid Uni. And for the loud typers – the screen tapping is more silent than the keyboard bashing.

5. Remote control. You can use your tablet as a remote control for your Smart TV or for your computer, just looks into your device specification and see what apps it will support php file 다운로드.


So, laptop  or a tablet? You can have both with the TOSHIBA Click-Mini Download Office Picture Manager. Not decided? Pop by our shop and check some of the offers on both laptops and tablets this weekend.

#FridayFive: 5 halloween costume ideas you can print

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If you’re out of time to make a proper costume or just want something simple for your halloween outfit – here are some things you can easily print. And if you’re up to a challenge you can also put your hands on something more elaborate 인터스텔라 영화.


1 피어1. Simple masks. We’ve found a bunch of free and simple masks for you to print over at Super Punch – in case you need something super quick and fun Chinese For Jung Jung-ah.


2 scorpions 다운로드. Foldable masks. This will take a little bit more effort and some glue, but it’s still as simple as just printing off a mask on the printer cs4 products. Get the different templates at Cut & Fold Costumes.


3 Download WhatsApp. Lightsaber. Over at Disney website they actually have quite a few fun printable ideas & this one is not only quick and easy to make but will also satisfy your inner geek without having to put a lot of effort into the costume sap 이미지 다운로드.


4 Download spectator data. Steve Wintercroft masks. Want something original and a little more elaborate. These masks are guaranteed to have you noticed at any Halloween party – and we think that they look good enough even as house decorations – so, reusable Leafgreen.


5 야키니쿠 드래곤. For the dedicated: Iron Man suit. This will take some top-level dedication and perceveirance but if you end up making this costume it will sure turn some heads. Get a full step-by-step here.

Don’t have a printer? Pop by on your way from work and pick up a cheap and cheerful EPSON printer from our range. It takes minutes to set it up, you don’t have to connect it to your computer & you’ll have a printer costume for your party in a matter of minutes. We’re open 9AM – 6PM Monday – Saturday.

#FridayFive: 5 reasons why the EPSON WorkForce Pro is the best office printer for you

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Choosing a good business printer is not a simple feat: it has to be efficient, economical and multifunctional 트루스 오어 데어 한글자막. Thankfully, EPSON WorkForce offers all these and more. Here are just five reasons to choose the printer from this range over your usual laser printer 타임 스탬프.

1. Efficiency: All of the Workforce Pro range printers use up to 80% less power than competitive color lasers thanks to its no-heat technology. No ozone gas is emitted, and an improved quiet print mode and no fan noise during or after printing makes it ideal for the work environment 커뮤니티. And there are fewer consumables and parts to replace than a comparable laser.

2. Time saver: Focused on keeping offices productive, this multifunction is faster than competitive colour lasers on typical print jobs, as there is no warm up time needed 라이트 룸.

3. Built for business: Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct and Gigabit Ethernet all help to boost office productivity. PC-less scan-to functions, including Microsoft SharePoint using Epson’s Document Capture Pro software, and scan-to-email with LDAP address book compatibility, make it ideal for sharing documents Download the subtitles for Dragon Path3. Users can also securely print using a PIN code to release confidential documents.

4. Easy to use: Easily control the main functions with its smartphone-like 8.8cm colour touch-screen Download Reversal 3. Automatic double-sided duplex printing as standard makes any job easy and means less paper is used too. Directly print from, or scan to, a USB memory stick Download the Korean ebook. In addition, its front-loading ink cartridges are easy to change.

5. Running costs: For cost-conscious offices this business multifunction has significant advantages over comparable colour laser printers Download the next version of The Pot Encoder. Its high-yield ink cartridges help this printer to achieve an up to 50 percent lower cost per page than competitive colour laser printers. It uses Epson’s DURABrite Ultra inks, in high-capacity ink cartridges of up to 4,000 pages, which ensure efficiency and productivity Download The Infinite Challenge Performing Arts Conference.

If this is not convincing enough you can now get up to €200 cashback (inc. VAT) when you purchase a WorkForce Pro range printer. For more details you can check our previous blog post 시장놀이.

Go Green and Share Double Cashback with EPSON

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If you’re looking to buy your next office printer now is just the perfect time for it with this incredible offer from EPSON. Get one one the printers mentioned below and get up to €100 cashback Download Romeo and Juliet. And, to make the deal even sweeter you can get up to €200 cashback if you purchase one of these printers with a full set of extra inks.

Here’s the skinny on the printers you can get under this deal Download Paper's House Season 3.


EPSON Workforce PRO WF-5620DWF Printer/Scanner/Copier

Ecological and low-cost multifunction printer 연세대. It’s up to 50% more efficient print-wise and up to 80% more efficient energy-wise compared to other similar printers.


Save time: Automatic double-sided printing, scanning, copying and faxing

Ecological: Uses up to 80 percent less power than competitive colour lasers
Low running costs: Up to 50 percent lower cost per page than competitive colour lasers
Built for business: Scan-to functions and LDAP address book support
PrecisionCore technology: Epson’s most advanced printhead technology

More detailed specification can be found on the EPSON website 알약 공개용. You can get €60 cashback when you purchase this printer alone or €120 cashaback if you purchase it together with a full set of extra inks.


EPSON Workforce PRO WF-8510DWF Printer/Scanner/Copier

Ecological and low-tco A3+ multifunction. Ideal for small to medium offices that want to cut costs and environmental impact, and reduce intervention, this A3+ business multifunction printer uses fewer supplies and has a scalable paper capacity 인턴 영어자막.


Low TCO A3+ business multifunction: Multifunction with scalable paper trays
Ecological: Uses up to 80 percent less power than competitive colour lasers
Built for business: Scan-to functions and LDAP address book support
PrecisionCore technology: Epson’s most advanced printhead technology
Enhance productivity: Automatic double-sided printing, scanning, copying and faxing

Get €100 cashback when buying WF-8510DWF on its own or a whole €200 when purchased with a full set of inks 7080 song collection.

To qualify for the cashback press here. For terms and conditions check here Firefox YouTube 4k. Both printers and all of the inks are in stock at MicroPro Computers.

#FridayFive: 5 keyboard shortcuts you’re not using

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Keyboard shortcuts can save you tonns of time, and you probably know of and are using the likes of Ctrl+P & Ctrl+F, but there are some of the keyboard shortcuts you’re likely not using just yet but that will save you time with something you’re using often 60만번의 트라이 다운로드. Here’s our favourite five:

1. CTRL+Shift+T (or CMND+Shift+T on Mac) – Close the tab you have accidentally closed in your browser 임협헬퍼 극장판.

2. WINDOWS + M (or CMND+Option+M) – Minimize all open windows at once. Want to bring them back up? Just hit Windows+Shift+M 입장정리.

3. ALT+Left Arrow (CMND+Left Arrow) – go to the previous page on your browser without a need to scroll all way up to the back button on your browser 2019 알라딘 자막 다운로드. ALT+Right Arrow will bring you forward.

4. Select a file and press F2 (select a file and press ENTER) – a super quick way for you to rename the file on the PC or Mac 한강체.

5. WINDOWS+P (CMND+F1) to extend your screen to the external monitor without the need to go through the monitor settings or when you can’t see the screen in the first place 2019 달력 다운로드.

Hope you find these tips helpful. Got a keyboard with sticky keys? Perhaps you need a new one. We have a great offer on the Microsoft Wireless Keyboard for just €49.99 right now 우드잡.

TOSHIBA Canvio Connect II – your files, anywhere

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So, you know how we’re always on about your backup and how you should do it twice 다뷰어 다운로드? Well, guess what – this now makes it even easier to back from all of your devices. Yes, we’re talking about offloading all of those photos from your iPhone to make space for the new iOS in a matter of minutes without connecting your phone to anything 스크린 헌터.

Introducing: TOSHIBA Canvio II. It’s a handy portable HDD with a special feature that allows you to use it as a cloud storage when it’s connected to a laptop or a computer that’s on the WiFi network 편의점 이력서.

Besides, it has a super-quick 3.0 USB for the speedy backups – so essential when you’re running on a tight schedule. And it also has the anti-shock feature, for those bumpy steps 로봇 게임 다운로드.

Did we mention that you get to choose between red, white, blue and silver too? We have the 500GB version in stock at €69.99 right now.

#FridayFive: 5 tips for choosing the best laptop for you

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So, you need a new laptop, but at this stage there are so many different brands and options – which one should you go for and what should you be looking for Download your preferences? What if you buy a laptop and it’s replaced by something new and better right after?

We have 5 simple tips for you to help you choose your next new laptop wisely Microsoft official.

1. Why do you need the laptop for?

Let’s start by determining what you’re going to be using a computer for 카봇 극장판. There are probably main 3 types of computer use: everyday, business and gaming/graphic editing. There are some in between and some mixed uses too, however, these 3 have distinct differences that will affect the price and specification of your computer 네코모노가타리 흑 다운로드. So, lay out a list of everything you’re planning to do with the computer and then start looking into particular details that your usage will require hwinfo 다운로드.

2. The technical aspect. 

This ties into the previous category: do you need a lot of hard disk space to save your data 아크서바이벌 모바일? Do you need additional RAM to make the computer run faster? Do you need a faster processor or will the slow processor work if you’re only intending to use the computer for word processing windows 10 정품 다운로드? You might need a fast graphics card to run a game or a video editing software, for example, and then you have to look into something quite advanced and something that possibly has quite a large screen 2nd term of the chungsa.

3. The software. 

Need to use some specific software? If this software comes in the box – look at the back of the box and check the specifications, usually it gives you the minimum requirements for what should be in your computer Download Settler2. Make a list of all the possible programs you might use, most of them have a minimum requirement listed on their FAQ pages on the official pages, and take it from there Virtual dj.

There are some programs (like specific video editing) that might only work on Mac computer or might only work on a PC. Check for these requirements before committing to a purchase. A good computer shop will also be able to tell you what the specific software requires.

3. The practicals. 

Do you need to carry the laptop with you? Do you need a long battery life for travel? Would you rather have a tablet that a computer? Does the computer have to fit in your existing bag? Perhaps, you have a camera that has to work with your new computer or another specific piece of  hardware. Look at some practicalities like this and put them on the list of the things you’ve already made from the previous points.

4. The after care.

When choosing a laptop make sure that you can have it repaired easily if something gets broken. Enquire about the aftercare, ask how long it takes to repair a computer if it’s suddenly is broken. And these things happen no matter how good or how expensive your computer is, so make sure you have a good backup plan. And yes, remember to always have a backup.

And if you’re still confused with what laptop you should get you can always knock on our door. We have a great selection of laptops in store for your everyday use, reliable business laptops, affordable robust laptops and many in between. Just give us a call and we’ll take it from there.