#FridayFive: 5 tips for the tech-free holiday

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It’s nearly Christmas time and we hope that you will get to spend it with your friends and family Download the horse racing game. And wouldn’t it be nice to give yourself and your family a bit of a technology-break too? Instead of being glued to the screen at a Christmas table, live-tweeting your Christmas gift unboxing or Instagraming every piece of food that gets on your plate, how about you forget about your phone and tablet for a couple of days and enjoy the company of real people for the change Download pmbok 5th pdf? If you can’t imagine the world where this is possible, we have a few tips to get everyone onboard with the idea.

1. Have a gadget-free dinner. Now, there’s a well-working trick that’s been circling around, and you probably know about it: get everyone at the table stack their phones in the middle and whoever reaches for the phone first pays the bill 인사이드아웃 더빙. This might not work if you’re having a meal at home, but you can come up with a different penalty for taking the phone (or tablet) out of the stack Download the elementary school math textbook pdf.

2. Reward the gadget-free time. Candy works well, if you have any stocking-stuffers around this might work great too. That’s probably going to work best with the kids, but they might be the ones mostly distracted by the phones or tablets 윈도우 xp 서비스팩2.

3. If a friend texts – call them back. If you are waiting for an important text or contact – make a phone call out of it 영상앨범 산. First of all, having a verbal conversation is more personal. Secondly, sending messages back and forth might distract you for a much longer time than a quick phone call would Download trot songs.

4. Plan activities during dinner. Any conversation can get into a stall, and as with any other parties, Christmas get-together would also benefit from some extra entertainment applet file. Schedule in some games or activities during your Christmas dinner. Go on a walk or a hike with your family and friend after opening your Christmas gifts r Image.

5. Have a “Social Media break”. If your family and friends really cannot sit through a Christmas dinner without Instagraming, Facebooking or Tweeting – pencil in a break for the social media updates & check ups Download Spider-Man Paphom Home. Perhaps, this might result into a more thoughtful updates too.

These might be handy even after Christmas too. We hope you have a very peaceful and joyful holiday.

#FridayFive: 5 tips for sharing something on social media

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Pretty much all of us with a decent access to the Internet have some sort of a social media profile 용사의우울. We like sharing our happy moments, sometimes sad moments, commenting on other people’s moments or to post something to lighten up mood or express a concern Download the Hwangsung Gold. However, sometimes we tend to forget how these updates might affect our lives and relationships with other people, and in some occasions social media posts can get us into a real trouble Download The Witcher3 1.04 Patch.

So, here are 5 basic principles of sharing something on social media.

1. Pictures. Think about who you want to see your pictures footprint 다운로드. If it’s shared on Facebook, you perhaps want to make sure that you select the type of people that see your post. You can do that by selecting “Public” or “Friends Only” right next to the “Post” button 윈도우7 게임. It’s a good practice to keep your posts mainly “Friends Only”. If they are “Public” anyone can see these photos by simply looking you up on Google 요 화경.

2. Avoid posting anything when you’re at work. Depending on your work of course, but you would think that your boss would like to think that you are working somewhere between 9-5 Windows 7 usb installation. Posting something often during the work hours can affect your future employment too. Modern day employers are now looking up your social media profiles and can see when you’re posting something during work hours or if you’re posting something embarrassing that could potentially cost you the job Download kies for Mac.

3. Comments. Sometimes you feel like you have something to say on the matter. In general, if you don’t have something nice to say, it’s probably not a good idea to say it Dangerous Family. But if you’re really thinking of expressing your thought on something someone else has said, think about it: is your comment visible to public, can it get you in trouble and if you can stand your ground when someone approaches you on a subject 가판대 다운로드. Whatever you do, think about your reputation and the reputation of the person you’re posting your comment to. Be nice, and don’t get people in trouble.

4. Are you oversharing? Some things are meant to be kept private. Share happy moments, or remarkable moments, moments of significance. If you’re posting 10 pictures of the cat looking out of the window, or posting 15 links to funny videos each day, perhaps you should reconsider why you’re on the social networking site in the first place. It is the place to share. But it’s also a place to socialise on. Instead of posting those 10 pictures, catch up with the friend you have not heard from for a while. Same time, more significance to you.

5. Think twice, post once. When you feel you have something to say, when you feel you have a rant brewing up, why not simply pick up a phone and call a friend and discuss it? Perhaps, the matter is simple and not as the-end-of-the-world as you have imagined. A good friend will help you get through it better than a few strangers who post on your comment on Facebook.

And most important outtake from this: think before you post. You never know who will find your posts & sometimes it’s just easier and better for yourself to talk to someone instead.

#FridayFive: 5 cool tricks with Windows 10 you need to try

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10 Windows 10 tricks to try right now

So, Windows 10 has been out for a while and you have probably also downloaded the recent update Download the Library of Congress pdf. But have you tried everything Windows 10 has to offer? We’ve put together 5 tricks you might not know about, give them a try.

1. Windows Key + Left/Right Key: split the screen in two 일러스트cc 2018. How cool and easy is this? You know, when you have to write something down from another page or a document and you have to constantly minimize or maximize it Sudden hack? Also, you can talk to your friend on Facebook while checking the news on another window, but we didn’t tell you to do that 😉

2. Alt + Tab: another way to see all of the windows open in your tab foxpro 다운로드. Need to switch to another application easily? Just Press Alt+Tab and then use Left/Right mouse buttons to navigate.

3. See what’s taking up space: press the “looking glass” icon on your tab, enter “storage” into the search bar and double-click “This PC” to see which files are taking up most space on your computer 현이와 신데렐라. Perhaps, it’s time for a cleanup?

4. Change the color of the start menu: go to Settings > Personalization > Colors & pick the color of the start menu (that will also re-color the bottom tab) 잠시만 안녕 mp3.

5. Resize the start menu: just click on the menu and drag the edges up or down to resize it the way you want.

Find these handy 네이버클라우드 사진 다운로드? Do you have any good tips or trick you’d like to share? Leave them in the comments below.

#FridayFive: 5 tips to recognizing a spam email

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The spam emails get trickier to recognise Download internet videos from your smartphone. You might even be already familiar with some ways to tell them apart from other emails, and if you have a good email agent it might actually sort through that Spam for you 타이푼.

Some of the mails can be a bit more sneaky and so well-composed that they eventually make it into your inbox. So, here are 5 go-to tips to recognise the Spam emails 대학가요제 mp3.

1. If the email is from Apple, Google or Microsoft; ask yourself – have you used these services recently? If yes, perhaps it is the real email 유튜브 동영상 자막. And if not – most probably it’s a spam concealing itself as an email from a big company.

2. Check the email address Caesar4. So, you think that you should receive an email from Microsoft because of something you did, check the email address it came from. Here’s an example below:



See the address line 원신한 폰트 다운로드? The emails from the legitimate companies would come from something like @whatsapp.com or other.

3. Check the link. Right, so the email seems legitimate, and the email also seems right Download Windows Media Player Video. Now, check the link without clicking it to see if it leads you to the place you should be at. Right-click on the link and select “Copy link address”, now paste it into a word document and see if it looks like it’s going to take you to the company website like “whatsapp.com/something-something” or it doesn’t even mention the company name anywhere in the link Hangul 2007 Free Installation -. It doesn’t? Most likely email is spam.

4. Check in the app. So, this particular example is about WhatsApp. Usually, an app like this will send you notification in the app itself to say that they have sent you an email daum tv 팟 동영상 다운로드. Open the app and check if there’s a notification somewhere in the settings. And if it’s Google, Apple or Microsoft you can also check for any Desktop or phone notifications on your computer Download iPhone Safari video.

5. Use common sense. Does it sound dodgy? It most likely is. Most of the services mentioned here wouldn’t contact you directly: on email or by phone. Just try to make yourself aware of these things and be alert the next time you get a new message.

In any case, if you ever have a doubt, you can give us a quick call and we can help you tell suspicious content from the legitimate mail or phonecall.

#FridayFive: 5 ways to get the use out of your tablet

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how to use your tablet

If you’re considering an option of buying a tablet instead of laptop, perhaps, these handy uses will help you make the decision for the tablet ios 13 public beta. Although, we still like laptops too, and some of these tips will show you how you can use a tablet as a secondary device.

1. Get more focused 유튜브 배경음악. Need to focus on one task at a time? You can only have one task open on the tablet at any one time, so you’re sure to be focused on that; as opposed to the laptop when you have multiple programs and browser windows open 나비스웍스 다운로드.

2. Read. As simple as it sounds, it’s a digital reader at your hands and it’s much easier to read off a vertical screen when you want to get a feel of a book 4K music video. Besides, there are so many books available for tablets now, you can have an entire library at your fingertips.

3. Play. Use your tablet as an entertainment centre for games, movies and music and off load these things from your work computer Minitab 17 free. This, will not only free up your storage space on your work computer, but it will make sure you’re not distracted when working.

4. Take notes c# http. Use an app like Evernote to take notes and sync them up with your computer and phone. A tablet is fast to start and applications are only a few taps away – so much easier that starting up your laptop Download Vocaloid Uni. And for the loud typers – the screen tapping is more silent than the keyboard bashing.

5. Remote control. You can use your tablet as a remote control for your Smart TV or for your computer, just looks into your device specification and see what apps it will support php file 다운로드.


So, laptop  or a tablet? You can have both with the TOSHIBA Click-Mini Download Office Picture Manager. Not decided? Pop by our shop and check some of the offers on both laptops and tablets this weekend.

#FridayFive: 5 halloween costume ideas you can print

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If you’re out of time to make a proper costume or just want something simple for your halloween outfit – here are some things you can easily print. And if you’re up to a challenge you can also put your hands on something more elaborate 인터스텔라 영화.


1 피어1. Simple masks. We’ve found a bunch of free and simple masks for you to print over at Super Punch – in case you need something super quick and fun Chinese For Jung Jung-ah.


2 scorpions 다운로드. Foldable masks. This will take a little bit more effort and some glue, but it’s still as simple as just printing off a mask on the printer cs4 products. Get the different templates at Cut & Fold Costumes.


3 Download WhatsApp. Lightsaber. Over at Disney website they actually have quite a few fun printable ideas & this one is not only quick and easy to make but will also satisfy your inner geek without having to put a lot of effort into the costume sap 이미지 다운로드.


4 Download spectator data. Steve Wintercroft masks. Want something original and a little more elaborate. These masks are guaranteed to have you noticed at any Halloween party – and we think that they look good enough even as house decorations – so, reusable Leafgreen.


5 야키니쿠 드래곤. For the dedicated: Iron Man suit. This will take some top-level dedication and perceveirance but if you end up making this costume it will sure turn some heads. Get a full step-by-step here.

Don’t have a printer? Pop by on your way from work and pick up a cheap and cheerful EPSON printer from our range. It takes minutes to set it up, you don’t have to connect it to your computer & you’ll have a printer costume for your party in a matter of minutes. We’re open 9AM – 6PM Monday – Saturday.

#FridayFive: 5 reasons why the EPSON WorkForce Pro is the best office printer for you

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Choosing a good business printer is not a simple feat: it has to be efficient, economical and multifunctional 트루스 오어 데어 한글자막. Thankfully, EPSON WorkForce offers all these and more. Here are just five reasons to choose the printer from this range over your usual laser printer 타임 스탬프.

1. Efficiency: All of the Workforce Pro range printers use up to 80% less power than competitive color lasers thanks to its no-heat technology. No ozone gas is emitted, and an improved quiet print mode and no fan noise during or after printing makes it ideal for the work environment 커뮤니티. And there are fewer consumables and parts to replace than a comparable laser.

2. Time saver: Focused on keeping offices productive, this multifunction is faster than competitive colour lasers on typical print jobs, as there is no warm up time needed 라이트 룸.

3. Built for business: Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct and Gigabit Ethernet all help to boost office productivity. PC-less scan-to functions, including Microsoft SharePoint using Epson’s Document Capture Pro software, and scan-to-email with LDAP address book compatibility, make it ideal for sharing documents Download the subtitles for Dragon Path3. Users can also securely print using a PIN code to release confidential documents.

4. Easy to use: Easily control the main functions with its smartphone-like 8.8cm colour touch-screen Download Reversal 3. Automatic double-sided duplex printing as standard makes any job easy and means less paper is used too. Directly print from, or scan to, a USB memory stick Download the Korean ebook. In addition, its front-loading ink cartridges are easy to change.

5. Running costs: For cost-conscious offices this business multifunction has significant advantages over comparable colour laser printers Download the next version of The Pot Encoder. Its high-yield ink cartridges help this printer to achieve an up to 50 percent lower cost per page than competitive colour laser printers. It uses Epson’s DURABrite Ultra inks, in high-capacity ink cartridges of up to 4,000 pages, which ensure efficiency and productivity Download The Infinite Challenge Performing Arts Conference.

If this is not convincing enough you can now get up to €200 cashback (inc. VAT) when you purchase a WorkForce Pro range printer. For more details you can check our previous blog post 시장놀이.

Go Green and Share Double Cashback with EPSON

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If you’re looking to buy your next office printer now is just the perfect time for it with this incredible offer from EPSON. Get one one the printers mentioned below and get up to €100 cashback Download Romeo and Juliet. And, to make the deal even sweeter you can get up to €200 cashback if you purchase one of these printers with a full set of extra inks.

Here’s the skinny on the printers you can get under this deal Download Paper's House Season 3.


EPSON Workforce PRO WF-5620DWF Printer/Scanner/Copier

Ecological and low-cost multifunction printer 연세대. It’s up to 50% more efficient print-wise and up to 80% more efficient energy-wise compared to other similar printers.


Save time: Automatic double-sided printing, scanning, copying and faxing

Ecological: Uses up to 80 percent less power than competitive colour lasers
Low running costs: Up to 50 percent lower cost per page than competitive colour lasers
Built for business: Scan-to functions and LDAP address book support
PrecisionCore technology: Epson’s most advanced printhead technology

More detailed specification can be found on the EPSON website 알약 공개용. You can get €60 cashback when you purchase this printer alone or €120 cashaback if you purchase it together with a full set of extra inks.


EPSON Workforce PRO WF-8510DWF Printer/Scanner/Copier

Ecological and low-tco A3+ multifunction. Ideal for small to medium offices that want to cut costs and environmental impact, and reduce intervention, this A3+ business multifunction printer uses fewer supplies and has a scalable paper capacity 인턴 영어자막.


Low TCO A3+ business multifunction: Multifunction with scalable paper trays
Ecological: Uses up to 80 percent less power than competitive colour lasers
Built for business: Scan-to functions and LDAP address book support
PrecisionCore technology: Epson’s most advanced printhead technology
Enhance productivity: Automatic double-sided printing, scanning, copying and faxing

Get €100 cashback when buying WF-8510DWF on its own or a whole €200 when purchased with a full set of inks 7080 song collection.

To qualify for the cashback press here. For terms and conditions check here Firefox YouTube 4k. Both printers and all of the inks are in stock at MicroPro Computers.

#FridayFive: 5 keyboard shortcuts you’re not using

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Keyboard shortcuts can save you tonns of time, and you probably know of and are using the likes of Ctrl+P & Ctrl+F, but there are some of the keyboard shortcuts you’re likely not using just yet but that will save you time with something you’re using often 60만번의 트라이 다운로드. Here’s our favourite five:

1. CTRL+Shift+T (or CMND+Shift+T on Mac) – Close the tab you have accidentally closed in your browser 임협헬퍼 극장판.

2. WINDOWS + M (or CMND+Option+M) – Minimize all open windows at once. Want to bring them back up? Just hit Windows+Shift+M 입장정리.

3. ALT+Left Arrow (CMND+Left Arrow) – go to the previous page on your browser without a need to scroll all way up to the back button on your browser 2019 알라딘 자막 다운로드. ALT+Right Arrow will bring you forward.

4. Select a file and press F2 (select a file and press ENTER) – a super quick way for you to rename the file on the PC or Mac 한강체.

5. WINDOWS+P (CMND+F1) to extend your screen to the external monitor without the need to go through the monitor settings or when you can’t see the screen in the first place 2019 달력 다운로드.

Hope you find these tips helpful. Got a keyboard with sticky keys? Perhaps you need a new one. We have a great offer on the Microsoft Wireless Keyboard for just €49.99 right now 우드잡.

TOSHIBA Canvio Connect II – your files, anywhere

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So, you know how we’re always on about your backup and how you should do it twice 다뷰어 다운로드? Well, guess what – this now makes it even easier to back from all of your devices. Yes, we’re talking about offloading all of those photos from your iPhone to make space for the new iOS in a matter of minutes without connecting your phone to anything 스크린 헌터.

Introducing: TOSHIBA Canvio II. It’s a handy portable HDD with a special feature that allows you to use it as a cloud storage when it’s connected to a laptop or a computer that’s on the WiFi network 편의점 이력서.

Besides, it has a super-quick 3.0 USB for the speedy backups – so essential when you’re running on a tight schedule. And it also has the anti-shock feature, for those bumpy steps 로봇 게임 다운로드.

Did we mention that you get to choose between red, white, blue and silver too? We have the 500GB version in stock at €69.99 right now.