Go Green and Share Double Cashback with EPSON

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If you’re looking to buy your next office printer now is just the perfect time for it with this incredible offer from EPSON. Get one one the printers mentioned below and get up to €100 cashback Download Romeo and Juliet. And, to make the deal even sweeter you can get up to €200 cashback if you purchase one of these printers with a full set of extra inks.

Here’s the skinny on the printers you can get under this deal Download Paper's House Season 3.


EPSON Workforce PRO WF-5620DWF Printer/Scanner/Copier

Ecological and low-cost multifunction printer 연세대. It’s up to 50% more efficient print-wise and up to 80% more efficient energy-wise compared to other similar printers.


Save time: Automatic double-sided printing, scanning, copying and faxing

Ecological: Uses up to 80 percent less power than competitive colour lasers
Low running costs: Up to 50 percent lower cost per page than competitive colour lasers
Built for business: Scan-to functions and LDAP address book support
PrecisionCore technology: Epson’s most advanced printhead technology

More detailed specification can be found on the EPSON website 알약 공개용. You can get €60 cashback when you purchase this printer alone or €120 cashaback if you purchase it together with a full set of extra inks.


EPSON Workforce PRO WF-8510DWF Printer/Scanner/Copier

Ecological and low-tco A3+ multifunction. Ideal for small to medium offices that want to cut costs and environmental impact, and reduce intervention, this A3+ business multifunction printer uses fewer supplies and has a scalable paper capacity 인턴 영어자막.


Low TCO A3+ business multifunction: Multifunction with scalable paper trays
Ecological: Uses up to 80 percent less power than competitive colour lasers
Built for business: Scan-to functions and LDAP address book support
PrecisionCore technology: Epson’s most advanced printhead technology
Enhance productivity: Automatic double-sided printing, scanning, copying and faxing

Get €100 cashback when buying WF-8510DWF on its own or a whole €200 when purchased with a full set of inks 7080 song collection.

To qualify for the cashback press here. For terms and conditions check here Firefox YouTube 4k. Both printers and all of the inks are in stock at MicroPro Computers.

TOSHIBA Canvio Connect II – your files, anywhere

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So, you know how we’re always on about your backup and how you should do it twice 다뷰어 다운로드? Well, guess what – this now makes it even easier to back from all of your devices. Yes, we’re talking about offloading all of those photos from your iPhone to make space for the new iOS in a matter of minutes without connecting your phone to anything 스크린 헌터.

Introducing: TOSHIBA Canvio II. It’s a handy portable HDD with a special feature that allows you to use it as a cloud storage when it’s connected to a laptop or a computer that’s on the WiFi network 편의점 이력서.

Besides, it has a super-quick 3.0 USB for the speedy backups – so essential when you’re running on a tight schedule. And it also has the anti-shock feature, for those bumpy steps 로봇 게임 다운로드.

Did we mention that you get to choose between red, white, blue and silver too? We have the 500GB version in stock at €69.99 right now.

#FridayFive: 5 tips for choosing the best laptop for you

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So, you need a new laptop, but at this stage there are so many different brands and options – which one should you go for and what should you be looking for Download your preferences? What if you buy a laptop and it’s replaced by something new and better right after?

We have 5 simple tips for you to help you choose your next new laptop wisely Microsoft official.

1. Why do you need the laptop for?

Let’s start by determining what you’re going to be using a computer for 카봇 극장판. There are probably main 3 types of computer use: everyday, business and gaming/graphic editing. There are some in between and some mixed uses too, however, these 3 have distinct differences that will affect the price and specification of your computer 네코모노가타리 흑 다운로드. So, lay out a list of everything you’re planning to do with the computer and then start looking into particular details that your usage will require hwinfo 다운로드.

2. The technical aspect. 

This ties into the previous category: do you need a lot of hard disk space to save your data 아크서바이벌 모바일? Do you need additional RAM to make the computer run faster? Do you need a faster processor or will the slow processor work if you’re only intending to use the computer for word processing windows 10 정품 다운로드? You might need a fast graphics card to run a game or a video editing software, for example, and then you have to look into something quite advanced and something that possibly has quite a large screen 2nd term of the chungsa.

3. The software. 

Need to use some specific software? If this software comes in the box – look at the back of the box and check the specifications, usually it gives you the minimum requirements for what should be in your computer Download Settler2. Make a list of all the possible programs you might use, most of them have a minimum requirement listed on their FAQ pages on the official pages, and take it from there Virtual dj.

There are some programs (like specific video editing) that might only work on Mac computer or might only work on a PC. Check for these requirements before committing to a purchase. A good computer shop will also be able to tell you what the specific software requires.

3. The practicals. 

Do you need to carry the laptop with you? Do you need a long battery life for travel? Would you rather have a tablet that a computer? Does the computer have to fit in your existing bag? Perhaps, you have a camera that has to work with your new computer or another specific piece of  hardware. Look at some practicalities like this and put them on the list of the things you’ve already made from the previous points.

4. The after care.

When choosing a laptop make sure that you can have it repaired easily if something gets broken. Enquire about the aftercare, ask how long it takes to repair a computer if it’s suddenly is broken. And these things happen no matter how good or how expensive your computer is, so make sure you have a good backup plan. And yes, remember to always have a backup.

And if you’re still confused with what laptop you should get you can always knock on our door. We have a great selection of laptops in store for your everyday use, reliable business laptops, affordable robust laptops and many in between. Just give us a call and we’ll take it from there.


TOSHIBA L50 – ultimate entertainment at your fingertips

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TOSHIBA Laptops color

The TOSHIBA L50-C series is the key to your ultimate compact entertainment 메탈 슬러그 1 다운로드. This series laptop is a real treat even if you’re a computer nerd or just on a lookout for a good home/study laptop and it won’t look bad even on the most sophisticated business desk Download The Name of Lim Jae-bum.

The look: big screen, super light and exquisite finish.  Although it comes with a 15.6″ screen it’s surprisingly light (just 2.2kg if you’re curious). The back of the lid comes with a glossy thread finish that will reduce the appearance of any inevitable scratches and will stay looking original and stylish Download Modern Times. The frameless keyboard just adds to the style and prevents the dust and dirt from collecting in between the keys.

The performance of this laptop is outstanding too. The Satellite L50-C series is optimised for a full Windows 10** experience – with tuned and tested hardware to ensure all your favourite apps run smoothly. With powerful Intel® processor and the Intel HD graphics card you can rely on faster response across multiple tasks Download Isaac Godmode.

The sound. Put on a great show, wherever you are. In addition to a 39.6 cm (15.6”) HD or Full HD IPS screen, the HDMI port on selected models allows Ultra HD 4K content from your laptop to be displayed on an Ultra HD TV Download the Synology Nas file. The Satellite L50-C also boasts advanced audio technology to match, with Onkyo stereo speakers and DTS® sound enhancement exclusively tuned and certified by Skullcandy – so all your content looks and sounds crystal clear 월드컵 맞고.

The TOSHIBA L50-C is now available in stock at just €499 and it’s available in white, silver and red.



Up your game with Gygabyte Gaming Keyboard

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Gyagabite Gaming Keyboards


At this point of your school year we’d expect you to get your study game on and wouldn’t advice spend most of your days playing computer games 아이폰 크랙어플. But, we all need something to unwind from the tough day concentrating on important tasks and you want to do it in style.

Not that this Gygabite K8100 keyboard is going to lie pretty at your desk 나루토 전권 다운로드. It’s also packed with awesome features to bring your game to the next level.

As with the most great gaming keyboards this one comes with the backlit keys that you can modify to change to the color scheme you prefer. It also feature 20 Macro Buttons to program yourself and set it up to your own gaming profile 세계테마기행.

The company have done their research and made certain keys more resistant to the gamer abuse. There are three separate zones on the keyboard measured and resistant to the particular elastic force to support the gaming feedback 토익 모의고사.

There are 20 ghost keys that allows you to hit up to 20 keys at once and have them registered at once. That is if you can press 20 keys at once Caesar 4.

Here’s an overview of the spec:

  • Enhanced Ergonomic Gaming Keyboard Design- 3 different levels of force
  • Touch and Slide Volume Control
  • 20 Anti-Ghosting Keys
  • GHOSTTM Macro Engine
  • LED Backlight Illumination with On/Off Switch
  • 2 USB 2.0 HUB
  • Gold Plated USB Connector
  • Durable Braided Cotton Cord

The keyboard is now in stock for €69.99 – a steal for a gaming keyboard and it goes greta together with the Gygabyte Extreme Accuracy Mouse pad to take you to a whole new level Hannibal. The mousepad is also now in stock for just €29.99.

Portable & Powerful: Creative Muvo 10 speaker

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Creative Speaker Muvo 10 MicroPro Computers

This Creative Muvo 10 speaker is possibly the most versatile product on our shelves right now: leave it at home or take it to the outdoors, it’s proven to start a party at any situation Download the subtitles for Satan's Doll2019. It comes with a nifty handle to help you take it around and it’s super light and will fit any bag.

There’s often not enough sound coming from your laptop speakers to watch a movie or listen to the music when you’re doing things around the house Download pearls don't go. Just connect this speaker through bluetooth or a cable that comes with it and enjoy a clear loud bass-enhanced sound.

You can also use it for a conference call for all your team or make phonecalls whenever your hands are busy 데어 랑그릿사. Just connect it to your phone and speak out loud, the sensitive in-built microphone will pick up your voice nicely and won’t generate any echoes prezi 템플릿 다운로드.

Here’s a bit of a spec on this speaker:

Dimensions: 105.0 x 320.0 x 113.0 mm (4.1 x 12.6 x 4.5 inches)
USB Cord Length: approx 0.6m
Weight: 925g (32.63oz)
Colors: black, blue, green
Battery play time: approx 8 hours

It’s possibly the best wireless speaker in its class and it can be yours at just €59.99 nexus war 다운로드. Check it out in store today.


Strong on the inside & hard around the edges

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Fresh on the shelves as per this week: LACIE Rugged Mini – the external hard drive built to keep your information safe even at the toughest of the situations Don't say hi.

Here’s a little demonstration:

Have you ever been in a situation where you have backed up all of your files, removed them from your computer (to free up some space) and then someone (or you) accidentally flops your external hard drive off your desk, just a tiny bit Download the Russian font. You haven’t? Some of us have, and it’s not pretty.

Luckily, we’ve already talked about this before on many occasions, we’re used to backing up important data twice and all was not lost 라즈베리파이 운영체제. But, if you’re not one of those double backers, and if you simply have not time or you’re travelling, you might want something reassuring for those precious files xilinx ise 14.7.

So, here’s a hard drive that will keep your data safe and sound even if it’s bumped against the floor, in your travel case or is accidentally left in the rain Download Sibelius Mac. This LACIE rugged case comes in a a really lovely design too and it’s small enough to pop into your pocket. And the 500GB version is only €89.99 as our Offer of the Week 솔라리스 패치.



Latest HP Laptop Offer from MicroPro

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We’re quite a bit of fans of HP here in MicroPro. Although, usually we’d be more about TOSHIBA, sometimes our customers want to get some sort of variety and find  another brand 닌텐도스위치 nsp. No problem. HP is a great recognizable brand, the support is swift and efficient and their laptops and PCs are sturdy and reliable. So, if you’re after a great laptop, at a great price and from a respectable reliable brand, look no further than below Download the indie cs5.

We’ve got a special offer on HP Laptop with Office (1 Year) & a Carry Case at just €349 at the moment.

HP 240 laptop



Processor: Intel N2840 2.16/ 2.56 GHz

RAM memory: 2Gb

HDD Storage: 500Gb

Screen: 14” LCD Screen

Wifi + Built-in Camera + BlueTooth + SD card slot

Operating System: Windows 8.1 (Free Windows 10 Upgrade)

Microsoft Office 365 1 Year License is included in the above price Rix Gothic b.

Need more details? Give us a call

New printer arrivals at MicroPro Computers

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We’ve just received the new selection of the Epson printers in stock and they’re faster, smaller and even less ink-hungry than before. These Epson printers come from the special home line that don’t take a massive amount of space but still manage to pack a selection of tools like a scanner, copier, printer, WiFi connection & mobile printing 끝말잇기 프로그램 다운로드. Most of the time you won’t even be connecting your computer to print from these – so handy.

Also, this range doesn’t require any hour-long tinkering, the set up is easy and you’ll be ready to print your photos, boarding passes, itineraries in no time 엑시트 1080p.

We’ve got a selection of three printers depending on your needs (and budget).

Epson Expressions Home XP-225 €69.99

The Expressions Home XP-225 is part of Epsons smallest home edition printers 마다가스카3 더빙 다운로드. It packs in a punch in a small size that it comes in: you can print both color & black and white, make a copy with just a single button click, print over your home’s WiFi without messing with complicated wires and print from your phone using a dedicated Epson application 쉘 스크립트 ftp. And it comes with a super friendly price tag at €69.99 just now.

MicroPro Computers Epson Printers XP-225

Epson Expressions Home XP-322 €79.99

Need to print a bulk of photos 시원스쿨 동영상? This printer comes with the same specification as the previous model we mentioned with an added bonus in a form of an SD card reader and an LCD screen 1 gram YouTube. This means that you can see which photos you want to print without connecting to anything else, directly from the SD card. How handy is this for parties Archer's Legendary Bugedition?

MicroPro Computers Epson Printers XP-322

Epson Expressions Home XP-422 €89.99

The top-notch choice if you’re looking into printing a bulk of photos 뉴니스 다운로드. This printer comes with everything of the above printer specifications plus it also has a touch multi-selection screen that allows you select printing of multiple quantities or to change the size or quality of the photos right from the printer Space Empathy. It’s also super fast and won’t break your bank with ultra cost-effective individual Epson inks.

MicroPro Computers Epson Printers XP-422


Come into the shop and take a look at these in action yourself 깃든 리더 다운로드. And if you need any help after you purchase one of these things – we’re here to help.

TOSHIBA Click Mini – your ultimate travel companion

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Would you rather have a laptop or a tablet wget.exe? A laptop is multi-functional, it has the handy keyboard you can use if you fancy to type a lot of text or answer emails swiftly. While a tablet is always handy, it switches on faster and it’s easer to use for small presentations or just to have on the plane to watch movies g마켓 다운로드.

Well, let us introduce you to the laptop that is also a tablet. This new TOSHIBA Click Mini comes with a detachable keyboard that easily transforms the tablet into a handy laptop 토탈 커맨더.

And the computer itself also packs a punch. It comes with your usual Windows 8.1 – yes, the normal system you would use on your usual laptop, and you can use it in the tablet mode as well planner 5d 다운로드! This means that you can use your Word, Excel & PowerPoint just like you would on a traditional laptop. Plus, the de-attachable keyboard has an extra battery in it, which gives you an extra 6 hours of battery life on top of the 7 hours that the tablet already has 세븐틴 어쩌나.

On top of this, it has all the possible handy connections you want and the ones you’d usually find on the laptop and that lack of your usual tablets Stay with me music. We’re talking HDMI connection (for connecting your tablet to the TV), and SD slot (for playing your holiday videos or photos) and much more and a USB 2.0 slot to connect the peripherals like your travel camera aws s3 다운로드.

Here are some detailed specifications if you’re into numbers:

Processor: Next gen Intel® Atom™ processor for tablets Z3735F
Screen: 8.9″ Toshiba multi-touch high brightness display with wide viewing angle
Storage: 32GB Solid State Drive
Memory: 2 GB
Operating System: Windows 8.1
Battery: 7h in tablet mode and 13h in laptop mode
Connection: SD card slot, Micro-SD card slot, USB 2.0 slot + Micro HDMI-out
Included Extras: Office 365 subscription, McAfee LiveSafe 30-day trial, 1TB OneDrive Cloud storage

And since you might need something mobile and handy for the summer holiday we’re having a summer special for this product at a €299 right now (was €329) kbs 방송 다운로드. Isn’t that for the great news. Want to see the tablet in action? Come by the shop and we’ll give you an extensive presentation.