#FridayFive: 5 things for your printer

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Another Friday is here with another 5 great tips to help you work a little better and more efficient. This time: your printer. Not using it that much these days? well, maybe you should read on and see why you should use it at least once a month or so.

1. Keep the printer away from loose objects, pets and anything else that can get inside the printer and block it. There have been several instances where we had to clean dog and cat fur stuck to printer or there’s often a paperclip or similar that’s stuck inside and doesn’t let the printer to do anything. Make sure that your printer is in a clean place or just cover it up with something while you’re not using it to avoid dust and other from getting in.

2. You’re not out of ink. Sometimes there’s still a bit of ink & toner left even if the printer indicates otherwise. Take the toner out of the laser printer and shake it lightly, put it back in and you might get another 20 pages out of it. Ink printers can do this as well, just make sure you don’t get the ink on you and turn it ink-side up when shaking side-to-side.

3. Use original cartridges only when possible. Remanufactured and re-filled cartridges although might appear cheaper might cost you the printer at the end. The warranty doesn’t cover your printer if you use the remanufactured cartridges. Also, some generic cartridges might be filled with ink that’s liquid (and not gel-based as most original ones) and once the printer is switched on the ink can burst inside (caused by the electric charge the printer sends to reactivate the inks).

4. Give it a clean. Printing blanks? Most of the time this could be caused by the dried out inks. No need to replace the costly inks though. Just try to clean the heads of the printer a few times if needed. You don’t have to physically open the printer to do this, just use the settings feature on your printer, refer to the manual, or easier – just give us a call.

5. Print something at least once a month. Got an ink printer? Sometimes, inks can cake up or dry up and when you actually need to use the printer you might get a lot of blank pages (as per above). So, to avoid this from happening make sure that you print something once a month or so, just to keep the inks from drying up.

Need new inks? Just give us a call, we have the best selection of cartridges and toners in Dublin, and if you’re a returning customer we might as well throw in a discount. Give us a call and see if we have your inks in stock.

Latest HP Laptop Offer from MicroPro

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We’re quite a bit of fans of HP here in MicroPro. Although, usually we’d be more about TOSHIBA, sometimes our customers want to get some sort of variety and find  another brand. No problem. HP is a great recognizable brand, the support is swift and efficient and their laptops and PCs are sturdy and reliable. So, if you’re after a great laptop, at a great price and from a respectable reliable brand, look no further than below.

We’ve got a special offer on HP Laptop with Office (1 Year) & a Carry Case at just €349 at the moment.

HP 240 laptop



Processor: Intel N2840 2.16/ 2.56 GHz

RAM memory: 2Gb

HDD Storage: 500Gb

Screen: 14” LCD Screen

Wifi + Built-in Camera + BlueTooth + SD card slot

Operating System: Windows 8.1 (Free Windows 10 Upgrade)

Microsoft Office 365 1 Year License is included in the above price.

Need more details? Give us a call

7 iPhone priductivity tricks you have to try right now

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We bet you didn’t know about some of these iPhone tricks. Here are 7 ways to help you use your iPhone more efficiently. Note: you need the latest iOS 8 to use these.

1. Quick “Do not disturb” mode. 

Activate the “Do not disturb” mode that disables all the notification pop-ups and sounds by simply swiping up on the screen and tapping on the “moon” symbol.

2. Get LED notifications when your phone is locked or asleep

Don’t want to get visual notifications but don’t want to miss an important call? Activate the LED notifications on your phone. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility.

3. Snap photos while filming a video

Want to snap a photo to Instagram and post a  video to Facebook? Notice a little white circle next to your record button? Press it to make a photo without stopping a video.

4. Block a caller or messenger

If you’re getting some unwanted calls from a telesales company, for example, you can easily block their number by tapping the “i” button on top of their contact screen.

5. Un-delete an email

If you seldom go on an unread e-mail frenzy you know the feeling: unintentionally deleted emails. Just shake your iPhone and tap “Undo Trash” if this happens.

6. Talk to Siri hands-free

Go to Settings > General > Siri and set Siri to respond when you say “Hey Siri” out loud. Communication on the whole new level!

7. Find a movie in the cinema with Siri

Need a break and want to see a movie? Ask Siri what’s playing nearby and it will show you the list with the nearest cinemas and movies.

For more great tips check out Apple’s iOS tips & tricks page.

Need your iPhone fixed? We fix all of the models with super quick turn around: from changing the screen to replacing the battery – just drop us a line or give us a call on 01 4930514 to see if we have a part for your phone in stock.

#FridayFive: 5 ways to keep your computer fresh

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MicroPro FridayFive Maintenance

Just got a laptop or a computer and want to make sure that it will serve you a good few years? In addition to the timely upgrades like more memory or a new battery, you might want to consider these simple computer maintenance tips too.

1. Make sure you have a proper Anti-Virus when you purchase your laptop

Most of the computers come with the Anti-Virus out-of-the-box. But usually, it’s just a trial version that is installed. A month later, when the trial runs out, you forget to update or upgrade and then it will start letting through some viruses.

When you purchase a laptop from us, we usually set it up for you and get you a Free AVG Anti-Virus that you can easily update. Also, keep all the computer applications updated as much as possible – that will make them run faster and more efficient.

2. Keep it clean

We mean it. If you like putting on make up, eating crisps or drinking coffee or fizzy drinks – you might want to keep those separate from your laptop. While a computer is not as bad (the keyboard on the PC is usually inexpensive if you spill something), the laptop keyboard houses all of the connections underneath it and caked up make up, spilled sugary drinks & crumbs are the most common reasons why some laptops end up in our workshop after stopping working all together. Best – you’d need a keyboard changed, worst – the whole thing will stop working.

3. Keep all the external items out when transporting

If you like carrying your laptop around then you should consider taking out all the USBs, chargers, SD cards or others. If you accidentally drop the carry case or break too hard in the car it might cause all of these to jam inside and potentially harm your laptop. Just take everything out, shut it down and then put it all neatly in the laptop case, preferably in different compartments.

4. Don’t block the fan

Have a laptop? Avoid putting it right on a duvet, bed, lap. Put a book or a magazine under it at least and let it breathe. Have a PC? Make sure it’s not standing right on the carpet or right against the wall. It will collect all of the dust from the floor or the one flying around while you’re hoovering. Oh yes, if you like smoking inside, it’s also a big no no around a laptop or a PC as the ashes & tar can cake up inside them. All of this can cause overheating and very slow performance speeds.

5. Leave it in for a deep clean

You leave your car for service every now and then to make sure that it runs smoothly, right? Well, you ought to do the same to your computer. When you leave your computer for a full service it will be cleaned inside out from all the sneaky little viruses, unneeded programs & files and all the dust will be blown out to avoid overheating. Usually, this takes a day.

If you haven’t done any of these in the last year or so, you probably want to get your computer serviced. it will be cleaned and vamped up and will work almost as new: faster, more efficient and will have a longer life.

Give us a call to check how long it will take for our engineers to give your computer a full service: 01 4930514.

#FridayFive: 5 reasons to choose a local computer store over a chain

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Large chain stores can be good and handy if you’re on a lookout for a cheap piece of tech. But there are some of the elements to your purchase that can end up costing you money, time and effort at the end. So, here are some things you might be missing when you prefer a chain store to your local computer shop:

1. Personal service

When you get a computer or a printer at a chain store or a supermarket you usually just pay for it at the counter and off you go, sometimes the sales person at the till doesn’t even now anything about the product in the box. And if you do need a special assistance or a quick set up guide it usually comes at a price at a large shop. Your local computer store will make sure you know what to do with the item when you take it out of the box & will help you get your head around it. We even can show you how to put the inks in the printer the first time around.

2. On-the-spot warranty service

When you need to bring your computer in for repair bigger shops usually send them off to the warranty centre where you will be waiting for weeks to get an answer from. We have a workshop full of engineers right on the premises and we’re also EPSON and TOSHIBA certified to carry out repairs on the spot. And while bigger repairs can take a bit more time during a busy season sometimes we can fix minor problems the same day (something like an iPhone repair for example).

3. Always on-hand IT support

Don’t know what a strange message on your Desktop says? Don’t know how to change the ink on your printer or it’s not printing right? The mouse on your laptop just suddenly stopped working? Our customers call us with these queries all the time and we always have time to guide them through. Would you expect this sort of service from your big-chain shop?

4. Same people, each time

Can’t remember who you talked to when you were buying your computer the last time? it could get confusing when you get to a large shop and the assistants that work shifts change around. In MicroPro our customers know our faces and we know their. We call each other by the name and we learn what you like and most importantly what you understand. We avoid any complicated jargon and use simple words to explain technology if you don’t happen to be savvy. But you know, we can get nerdy too if you’re into that sort of thing.

5. We’ll tailor the products to you

Did you know that we custom-build computers? This is especially popular with schools, but if you’re after a special high-specification computer that you just can’t find off the shelf – we’re your guys. You could also be eyeing a specific laptop but just want to add more RAM or Hard Drive space to it – we can do it there and then with no hassle at all.

Bonus: did you know that we’re dog-friendly? Yes, you don’t have to leave your pooch outside when you visit us, we love dogs and allow them in freely as we’re dog people ourselves.

New printer arrivals at MicroPro Computers

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We’ve just received the new selection of the Epson printers in stock and they’re faster, smaller and even less ink-hungry than before. These Epson printers come from the special home line that don’t take a massive amount of space but still manage to pack a selection of tools like a scanner, copier, printer, WiFi connection & mobile printing. Most of the time you won’t even be connecting your computer to print from these – so handy.

Also, this range doesn’t require any hour-long tinkering, the set up is easy and you’ll be ready to print your photos, boarding passes, itineraries in no time.

We’ve got a selection of three printers depending on your needs (and budget).

Epson Expressions Home XP-225 €69.99

The Expressions Home XP-225 is part of Epsons smallest home edition printers. It packs in a punch in a small size that it comes in: you can print both color & black and white, make a copy with just a single button click, print over your home’s WiFi without messing with complicated wires and print from your phone using a dedicated Epson application. And it comes with a super friendly price tag at €69.99 just now.

MicroPro Computers Epson Printers XP-225

Epson Expressions Home XP-322 €79.99

Need to print a bulk of photos? This printer comes with the same specification as the previous model we mentioned with an added bonus in a form of an SD card reader and an LCD screen. This means that you can see which photos you want to print without connecting to anything else, directly from the SD card. How handy is this for parties?

MicroPro Computers Epson Printers XP-322

Epson Expressions Home XP-422 €89.99

The top-notch choice if you’re looking into printing a bulk of photos. This printer comes with everything of the above printer specifications plus it also has a touch multi-selection screen that allows you select printing of multiple quantities or to change the size or quality of the photos right from the printer. It’s also super fast and won’t break your bank with ultra cost-effective individual Epson inks.

MicroPro Computers Epson Printers XP-422


Come into the shop and take a look at these in action yourself. And if you need any help after you purchase one of these things – we’re here to help.

Use Google Maps on your phone without Internet

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MicroPro-Computers-Google-Maps tutorialDo you often get lost in a new city when you travel? We’ve got a handy trick for you this time that allows you to view your location on Google Maps without paying the expensive roaming charges.

You’ll need to be connected to the Internet initially to save the map. You’ll also need a Google account which is your average Gmail email.

Here’s what you do when you use an Android device:

  • Make sure you’re connected to the Internet, then open the Google Maps app.
  • Sign in to your Google Account.
  • Search for a city, like “Dublin” Pinch and zoom to select the area that you want to save.
  • To save the selected area of the map, touch the menu > Make available offline.

If you’re using an iPhone:

  • Make sure you’re connected to the Internet, then open the Google Maps app.
  • Sign in with your Google Account.
  • Search for a city, like “Dublin” and select the area you want to save.
  • Click on the menu (three stripes on the top left) and select “Your Places”
  • Scroll to the bottom > Save an Offline Map & click Save

Now when you’re in the city you have saved the map for you can click on the location navigator (a circle with the dot on the bottom right of your screen) and you’ll find exactly where you are.

At the moment you can’t route to places like on the online version of the map, however, it will show you exactly where you are and where you’re going.

Extra tip: if you’re planning to do a lot of sightseeing, mark the places you want to see on the maps as favorites. Just find a place, like “Dublin Castle”, tap and hold the red pin that appears and tap “Save”. This landmark will now appear as a star on the map and you’ll know how far you’re from it.

Unfortunately, not all of the cities in the world are supported. Most of them are though, but if the app does not allow you to save the map – it’s probably because it’s not supported.



TOSHIBA Encore WT8 Tablet – MicroPro April’s bestseller

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So, you’re looking for a new tablet and don’t know which one to get? You want something that’s not made from cheap plastic, the screen doesn’t glare horribly in the sun and at the same time it doesn’t hurt your pocket terribly? We might have just about what you’re after.

Watch the video above to learn about the benefits of the TOSHIBA WT8 or read on to find out why this should be your new tablet.

TOSHIBA WT8 comes in an 8″ version – that’s an 8″ entertainment & productivity centre. Here are just some of the top selling-points for this specific tablet:

1. Software. The WT8 comes with a Windows 8 for the operating system, so you won’t have to learn anything new if you haven’t used a tablet before. It’s as easy as using your stationary computer. And dare we mention that it comes with the Office 365 Personal 1 year license? This means that you can get on creating your Word, Excel & PowerPoint documents right out of the box.

2. Battery. Even with the video running at full-speed on the background this tablet will give you up to 8.5 hours of battery. So, no need to stress out looking for an outlet when you’re right in the middle of your favorite series marathon.

3. Sound. No matter how you hold the tablet you will always get the perfectly clear sound with the advance Dolby Digital Plus speakers. Super realistic sound for a truly immersive experience.

4. Connections. This TOSHIBA tablet will connect to anything, and you don’t need an array of expensive model-only extensions for that. This tablet comes with the standard micro-USB and micro-SD connections, which also means that you can put in an extra micro-SD card to come up with an extra storage (for movies, series & music).

5. Style. This tablet comes in a classy Matte Satin finish that’s not only pretty to look at but it’s also sturdy and quite prone to the fingerprints.

Come and take a look at the tablet for yourself and see why it’s our April’s bestseller!

EPSON XP-422 All-in-One printer

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MicroPro Computers Epson XP 422 product

Compact, multifunctional, wireless and easy to use – what else do you need from the printer? Oh, yes – it’s economical too – since it’s an Epson printer.

We’re big fans of Epson in MicroPro as you might have already noticed. Their printers truly provide the best value for money and quality there is in the market for home printers. And this compact model is one of the most popular in the shop yet.

Here’s the gist to why you should pick the XP-422 as your home printer:

1. Brilliant ink quality. We won’t get into the technicality of the Clara Ink technology that Epson uses, but believe us when we tell you that they produce the best and the clearest results for both ordinary prints and photos. Plus – individual inks are much cheaper to replace.

2. Prints from any device. You can send a picture to this printer from any device: iPhone, Android phone, your tablet or your laptop using the special mobile print application.

3. Easy set up. From cartridges to connecting the printer to your computer – it’s the easiest ever set up. And you don’t even need to connect it to your computer to use it – the large touch-LCD screen will allow you to use most of the features.

 4. Scans, prints & copies. That’s exactly what it does.

5. Fits into any interior. It’s compact in size and neat in design – perfect for any type or interior.

Looking for a great printer that won’t break your bank? Just call into the shop and see the EPSON XP-422 in action. Take it home with you for just €89.99.

Epson WorkForce printer: a workhorse for your office

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How often do you find yourself in the situation when you really have to print something off and the printer appears to be out of toner?

Usually, this happens in the middle of something important: flight or concert tickets, bookings, assignments and sales proposals. We’ve all been there.

Well, this Epson WorkForce office printer is the one that will do the job right for you any time. Instead of using the standard toners as most of the office printers do it uses a special kind of ink cartridges that will not only last longer but will also produce much better and clearer prints (in case you want to print a photograph or a graphic).


Why should you be considering the EPSON WorkForce Pro WF-5620DWF as your ultimate office workhorse? Here are some pointers:

  • It’s ecological: uses up to 80 percent less power than competitive colour lasers
  • It’s economical: up to 50 percent lower cost per page than competitive colour lasers
  • It’s a time-saver: automatic double-sided printing, scanning, copying and faxing
  • It’s productive: fast starting time, fast printing, less time refilling paper with an extra paper feed
  • It’s easy to use: automatically print duplex, easy to understand color display, print directly from a USB
  • It’s on every device: it will easily fit into every office with several connectivity options

So, if you’re simply running a home office or a multiple people operation, you’ll be sure to have the best prints at no time whenever you need.

The WorkForce printer range is currently available at the MicroPro Computers and it will also will be on display and open for trial runs on our Epson Customer Day. Have you signed up yet?