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TOSHIBA Canvio Connect II – your files, anywhere

By October 7, 2015August 5th, 2021No Comments


So, you know how we’re always on about your backup and how you should do it twice? Well, guess what – this now makes it even easier to back from all of your devices. Yes, we’re talking about offloading all of those photos from your iPhone to make space for the new iOS in a matter of minutes without connecting your phone to anything.

Introducing: TOSHIBA Canvio II. It’s a handy portable HDD with a special feature that allows you to use it as a cloud storage when it’s connected to a laptop or a computer that’s on the WiFi network.

Besides, it has a super-quick 3.0 USB for the speedy backups – so essential when you’re running on a tight schedule. And it also has the anti-shock feature, for those bumpy steps.

Did we mention that you get to choose between red, white, blue and silver too? We have the 500GB version in stock at €69.99 right now.